DTSF67 Three Phase Anti-tamper CT Meter


  • Advanced protect fraud and tampering
  • Stability and data security
  • RS232 with RJ11 type which can connect CDMA,GPRS,GSM modem for AMR
  • Large capacity dataflash for data storation
  • Internal integrated RF interface(433Mhz,868Mhz,2.4GHz Optional)
  • Sealing optical port and RS232 port for security
  • Top cover with one side hinge design for convenient field installation and operation
  • Advanced ultrasonic welding technics


Measurement Total active and reactive energy
Import and Export active and reactive energy
TOU tariff active and reactive energy registers
Instantaneous voltage and current, PF, Vrms, Irms, active and reactive power
TOU Programmable 2 sets of tariff structure, with 4 seasons,4 weeks, 4 days and 8 Time-Of-Use tariff
30 special days tariff
Billing Data 40 days meter & M-Bus equipments data available
13 months meter & M-Bus equipments data available
Cumulative active and reactive energy
Profiles for Energy and Power Quality 4 programmable channels for active and reactive energy and power quality profile
Programmable profiles capture period ( typically 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes )
Real Time Clock Accuracy according to IEC 61038
Daylight saving time supported
Synchronization with Time zone available
Communication Interface WAN communication with GPRS to central system
HAN communication with Wired and Wireless M-Bus to smart water/ gas/ heat meter
Available interface to IHD or more applications
Optical local communication, IEC62056-21 mode E
Display Segment LCD, With OBIS code and icons. Four programmable display mode
One LED, for energy pulse output
Anti-tamper Features Main and Terminal cover open detection ( power on and power outage )
Access with incorrect key and reply
Magnetic field detection
Load Control Disconnect / Reconnect on request locally or remotely
Automatically disconnect and reconnect with threshold
Event record Up to 40 kinds of event record with timestamp
Power off and power on
Disconnect / Reconnect remotely or over threshold
Access records with incorrect password
M-Bus events
Privacy and Security Support high level security 3, 4, 5 with encryption and authentication
Keys change wrapping
Advanced Flexible Platform Design Support different communication channels (PLC / GPRS / RF (Zigbee)…)
Replace communication module without turning off
Support authenticated firmware upgrade remotely/locally
Compliant with DLMS/COSEM and M-Bus