Neon eBike – G2G CJY


CJY exhibits refined ride characteristics with its longer range and breathtaking performance. This model is uniquely designed with revolutionary technology to deliver an exciting impression and it is definitely a finest choice of those seeking elegance.

  • Innovative and custom built for unparalleled riding experience
  • Cell phone can easily be charged with riding convenience
  • Angular handlebar that makes the motorcycle highly controllable and responsive
  • Tubeless tires and mounted on stylish and durable wheels


Principally engineered for an outstanding ride, this eMotorbike relates true stylishness to commute to serve the biker’s purposes. Neon’s philosophy focuses on combining hi-tech mechanics with elegant simplicity and super silence, specifically for this model.

With an ever increasing pollution, eMotorbikes seem to be a practical transportation option. Having maintenance-free and amazingly efficient electric system, CJY meets all the requirements of a diverse range of riders across Pakistan

Key Features

  • Distinct Style
  • Register able
  • Digital Display
  • Easy to ride
  • ECO-Friendly
  • Factory Traceable Engine no, Chassis no
  • Alarm for Alerts
  • Operating cost less than half of petrol bike
  • Energy Efficient
  • No Hot Muffler
  • Road Legal
  • Electric Starting
  • GEL Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery
  • Optional LiIon battery
  • Laser Printed Engine & Chassis Number
  • Economical & Maintenance Cost Efficient
  • Optional – GPS Remote Locating Systemv
  • Ergonomically Designed Comfort Angular Handlebar
  • Personalized Performance via a selectable Switch
  • Tubeless Puncture Resistant tires
  • Corrosion Free Metallic parts
  • Large Comfortable Foot rest for rear passenger
  • Bright White SUN Headlight Lamp
  • Durable Brushless Water Sealed Electric Motor


Motor Power 1500Watts
Motor Type DC Brushless Motor
Range (40km/h) 60 km*
Max Speed 50 km/h
Climbing Ability (Upto) 20°
Battery 72V20Ah Gel Lead-acid
Charging Time 3 hours (charge within 30% to 70%)
Transmission Gear-less Direct Drive
Brake Front disc/ Rear drum
Suspension Hydraulic Front and Rear
Speed Controller N/A
Light White
Mirrors Dual Rear view
Weight 100Kg
Accessories USB Cellphone Charger
Tire 90/90-12, Tubeless
Reflectors Sides & Rear
Display Digital

*varies with riding conditions