MA109 Smart Single Phase Meter


  • Modular designed smart meter MA109 for Smart Energy Data Management
  • Plug-and-play with interchangeable module:PLC(PRIME/G3)/GPRS/RF(Zigbee)…
  • Compliant with DLMS/COSEM
  • Modular WAN/LAN capacity and HAN euqipments management
  • Improve revenue and energy efficiency with advanced measurement with TOU
  • Accurate clock and Daylight saving time supported
  • Disconnect/Reconnect
  • Remote authenticated upgrade the meter firmware
  • Protect from fraud or tampering, alarm and events record
  • Advanced ultrasonic welding technics(optional)
  • High Security&Reliability
  • Advanced design for operation costs reduction, friendly user interface


Measurement and power quality Import and export active / reactive / apparent energy and demand, 4 quadrant reactive energy
Configurable maximum demand integration period (typically 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes)
Instantaneous voltage and current, PF, Vrms, Irms, Frequency
TOU Programmable 3 sets of tariff structure, up to 12 energy tariffs, 10 demand tariffs, 24 periods and 100 holidays
Load profile for energy and power quality Up to 8 programmable channels for energy and demand load profile. Storage capacity: 260 days for 1 channel (15 min period)
Up to 8 programmable channels for power quality load profile.Storage capacity: 100 days for 1 channel (15 min period)
Programmable load profiles period ( typically 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes )
Real time clock Accuracy according to EN62054-21
Daylight saving time supported
Remote and local synchronization available
Communication interface Optical, 9600bps infrared
RS485 with easy-plug port RJ11,support 115,200bps (Optional)
Display Character type LCD with maximum 80 characters display
Two LEDs indicate active and reactive pulse
Three colors LED indicate different communication status
Anti-tamper features Current reversal detection and measurement
Partial & complete earthling detection (optional)
Magnetic field detection (optional)
Face cover and terminal cover open detection ( normal and power outage )
Connect/Disconnet UC3 switch relay for power control.
Log file Up to 20 kinds of event record with timestamp:
Power off and power on
Relay connection / disconnection remotely and overload
Meter parameters programed
Access records with both correct and incorrect password
Advanced flexible platform design Support different communication channels (PLC / GPRS /M-BUS…)
Replace communication module without turning off the meter
Support remote firmware upgrade
Support DLMS / COSEM
Industrial standard data security & authentication mechanism Protect from fraud or tampering
Alarms, and Events record
Reliable data store and management