MP101 Smart Single phase Keypad Prepayment Meter


  • 20 Digit STS encryption
  • Programmable audible low credit limit
  • Self-detection and self-diagnose function
  • Events record by short code searching and tracking
  • Recall of last 50 tokens entered
  • Optical communication port
  • Keypad with audible feedback


Energy Measurement Active energy
Easy of use and robust to all consumer Secure data transfer with STS encryption technique and protocol
Enter the token into the meter with audible feedback keypad
Additional features can be applied on customer request
Low credit warning, indication flashing
Proven high reliable technology meter designed Last 50 tokens stored and can be recalled
6 months meter data ( historic energy data)is available for tracking
Load Control Dis/connection power locally by relay
Reconnection: Top-up, emergency & friendly credit status
Built-in circuit-breaker for Power dis/connection
Experienced designed on Anti-tamper functions Detecting current reverse
Detecting open Meter cover, Terminal Cover
Detecting and warning of magnetic interference
Detecting Load earthing
Detecting current cycle Bypass
Communication Interface Optical local communication