MP302 Smart Three Phase Meter


  • Standard housing or telegraph pole installation
  • Maximum current of 100A
  • Load Control with internal relay
  • Programmable load profiles
  • Energy output pulse port
  • Choice of Post or Pay-as You-Use payment scheme


  • Secure data transfer with STS encryption technique and protocol
    • Low credit warning, indication flashing and buzzer
    • Last 50 tokens stored and can be recalled
    • Reconnection: Top-up, emergency & friendly credit status
  • Local communication by optical port
  • Remote communication (optional)
    • PLC
    • RF
    • RS485
    • GPRS
  • Anti-tamper function
    • Detecting reverse connection and measurement
    • Detecting open meter cover and terminal cover
    • Detecting magnetic disturb
    • Detecting current bypass (Optional)
    • Detecting missing potential
    • Detecting missing neutral line (Optional)