Solar Water Heater – G2G 180

Floater Tank Solar Water Heater

  • It can be flexibly installed on the roof in different angles, which integrates perfectly with building.
  • With the floater tank, the water tank can be called by the tap water or other storage water tanks, which keeps it in a full water state all the time, more convenient to use

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Solar Water Heater – G2G 180

UTLE (Ultra Low Emission) vacuum tube is used in Genie2Go solar water heater, which greatly reduces emissivity and heat loss, and ensures the solar hot water system to provide hot water even under the extremely cold conditions


Product model Outline Dimension
Angleo Aperture area
Vacuum tube Water tank capacity
G2G QBJI-120/1.55/0-B21o1116*2010*1082211.5512120220
G2G QBJI-140/1.82/0-B21o1276*2010*1082211.8214140255
G2G QBJI-160/2.09/0-B21o1436*2010*1082212.0916160290
G2G QBJI-180/2.36/0-B21o1596*2010*1082212.3618180320
G2G QBJI-200/2.62/0-B21o1756*2010*1082212.6220200350
G2G QBJI-240/3.16/0-B21o2076*2010*1082213.1624240420
G2G QBJI-280/3.68/0-B21o2396*2010*1082213.6828280490