Video Teller Machine

Model Number : KT1688-VTM
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  • 7*24 counter simulating service
  • VIP “f ace to face” service
  • High efficiency service llow
  • Ergonomic design, perfect customer experience
  • Multiple product models, easy deployment, vary with requirement

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Kingteller VTM (Video Teller Machine) solution adopts ATM precision machinery technology , high definition video communication technology, backstage flow banking technology , etc. Via video interaction between customer and remote teller, services like personal service, enterprise service, financing and inquiry service etc. can be transferred and handled by VTM terminals. Kingteller VTM changed traditional bank counter service mode. It extends bank service time, increases channel sales opportunities, and lowers bank site cost. Kingteller VTM helps banks clear developing bottleneck, acquire competition advantage, and build “smart bank” brand.


  • Card issuing service: Handling debit card, credit card.
  • Contract service: SMS, mobile bank, etc Ebanking contract signing. U-key issuing.
  • Financing transaction service: Insurance/fund purchase, personal loan. Withdrawal,deposit, transfer, pin change.
  • Enterprise ser vice: Inquiry, receipt printing,bill service.
  • Others: Bill payment, service inquiry, etc.


User-interface Touch panel: 21.5″ capacitive multi touch display
Video display: 21.5″ HD LCD display
Motorized hybrid card issuer and reader Support magnetic/smart card issuing and reading
Support up to 3 issuing card boxes, card box with lock, separate card retract box
EMV, PCI certificated
Cash Recycling System(optional) Dispensing/deposit speed: 8 notes per second
2-5 cassettes
4 recycling cassettes and 1 reject/deposit box (optional)
1 deposit cassette, up to 2300 new notes per cassette (optional)
up to 2700/2850 (optional) new notes per recycling cassette
Accepts up to 200 new notes per transaction
Control Unit Industrial control computer
Core I3 series CPU, 3.4G, 4G RAM
500G HDD, DVD ROM (optional)
Operating system: Windows 7
Printer Receipt printer: 76mm thermal graphic printer
Journal printer: 76mm dot matrix or thermal printer
Card scanner 2D RFID ID card readable, double-sided scanning
Ukey issuer Supporting U-key scanning、 issuing and retract etc.
Barcode reader Supporting ID and 2D code
Contactless card reader Support contactless reading magnetic and IC card data, NFC APP extendable
High-speed photographic apparatus 24 bit color scanning, supporting A4 paper passport ,ID and etc. files scanning
File recycling device Retrieving files, slot supporting A4 paper size
Electronic signature pen Specially for electronic signature
Printing and stamp Printing and stamp device, supporting A4 size file to be entity stamped after print
Security EPP keypad
UL291 Standard level 1
Dial combination lock mechanism
Built-in cameras(1080P, 1290*1080pixels)
Receipt printer(optional) Needle invoice printer, 4lines/s, supporting ASCII, supporting black label paper cutting
Passbook printer(optional) Compatible with multiple magnetic stripe formats, supporting English, Chinese etc. all kinds of fonts, font size adjustable, 350 characters/s
Biological(optional) Fingerprint optional, supporting fingerprint collect, identify and storage
Telephone(Optional) Telephone
DVR(Optional) Digital video recorder
Heat booster(Optional) Heat booster
Operating Environment Voltage: 100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC ( without heat booster)
-35ºC to 40ºC (with heat booster)
Humidity: 20% to 95% Non-condensing
Dimensions Dimension with enterprise service: 1630mm X1600mm X1200mm (Hx W x D)
Dimension with enterprise service: 1630mm X1150mm X1200mm (H x W x D)