Voice Over IP Private Branch Exchange

Alico’s VoIP Solution Offering

Turn key system including onsite VoIP PBX server (or hosted PBX at Alico), phones, installation (including additional wiring if needed), Telco integration and training. After sales support including optional PBX management. Financing or lease terms available.

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Key Features

  • IP based combined Voice and Data Network in the enterprise
  • Outstanding pure digital voice quality
  • Flexible telephone options for desktop and wireless handsets
  • All digital VoIP conference phones with (optional) wireless speaker’s microphone extensions
  • Direct interface to smart phones as PBX extensions using secure corporate WiFi Network
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID). Each employee can have his/her own dedicated phone number
  • Ring multiple phones simultaneously or follow me features
  • Automatic Call Distribution (option)
  • Caller ID for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Voicemail (standard) with email (option) notifications
  • Desktop phone directory and direct dialing from PC and laptops (option)
  • Call data records database for all phones with incoming and outgoing call numbers and duration
  • Multiple options to interface with public telephone networks
    • Direct IP connection to Telco with digital SIP channels (best voice quality) using multiple T1 or Fiber connection (standard)
    • Traditional T1 PRI connections (option)
    • DSL IP network with third party VoIP trunk providers
    • POTS lines using channel bank (option)
  • Integrated remote extensions at branch offices or telecommuter homes using secure Internet connections
  • High availability solutions available for critical sites (option)
  • Available for small (5 phones) to large company (500+phone) applications

Service Options

  • VoIP Trunking
  • Using one of the major carrier’s all IP digital network we provide outstanding voice and data quality of service. No voice protocol conversions are needed such as IP to PRI or analog which degrade voice quality. We work with your local Telco service provider and maintain your existing phone numbers.
  • AT&T
  • Flexible Reach IP Service provides a combined voice and data all digital IP connection to the MPLS global Internet with voice connections using SIP trunking channels.
  • Verizon
  • Verizon’s FIOS Internet provides a high speed fiber solution with VoIP Trunking capability
  • Time Warner
  • Tele Pacific

Phone Options (+others)

  • SNOM VoIP Phones
  • CISCO VoIP Phones
  • Polycom VoIP Phones
  • Polycom VoIP Conference Phone