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What’s New in Payments : Special report sets out the latest thinking on the future of payments — free of charge

What’s New in Payments : Special report sets out the latest thinking on the future of payments — free of charge

Date : 15 Jul, 2017

Payments experts from the European Banking Authority, Yandex, Vodafone, Orange, Dejamobile and Wirecard are among eight contributors to What’s New in Payments: Volume Two, a 76-page special report on the future of payments which is now available to download free of charge from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

This special report includes in-depth articles, thought pieces, lessons learned by early adopters, market overviews and more, all produced uniquely for this publication and in collaboration with the NFC World editorial team.

  • Kapronasia founder Zennon Kapron provides an in-depth analysis of the history, status and likely future trends in China’s mobile payments market.
  • Michael Joseph, founding CEO of Kenyan mobile money pioneer Safaricom, discusses the evolution of M-Pesa and the lessons learned since the launch of the service ten years ago.
  • Marc Rennard, deputy CEO of customer experience and mobile banking at mobile network operator Orange, sets out the mobile-only banking opportunity for carriers.
  • Lorcan Burke, vice president of business development at Dejamobile, examines the options for banks seeking to stay visible to their customers in an increasingly mobile environment.
  • Jörn Leogrande, Wirecard’s executive vice president of mobile services, examines the potential of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to transform the way we pay.
  • Rambus presents “How digital wallets will shape the future of retail”, a white paper that explains how retailers can take advantage of mobile payments to both reduce costs and increase their margins.

Yandex Money’s business development director Maria Gracheva provides insight into the current status of online and mobile payments in Russia and how the market is likely to evolve. Helene Oger-Zaher from the European Banking Authority explains how the EU’s revised Payment Services Directive will bring both challenges and opportunities to European banks. “The payments landscape is changing dramatically,” says Rian Boden, editor of What’s New in Payments. “Just as mobile and wearable payments are starting to become a part of consumers’ lives, the emergence of the Internet of Things is promising to take commerce to whole new environments and form factors, from the smart home to the connected car.

“With these changes come new challenges and lessons to be learned for those responsible for building, delivering and ensuring widespread consumer adoption of the latest connected commerce experiences.

“In this report, leading innovators from around the world have come together to share their firsthand experiences with NFC World readers and discuss the key trends they are witnessing — from the evolution of artificial intelligence and mobile money to the emergence of mobile-only banks — and how they expect them to change the way we pay.”