Alico Systems Technology Inc.

We are a US Department of Defense Prime Contractor and a Commercial manufacturer of advanced wireless and sensor products

Alico Systems is an innovative product development company. Our development solutions address the Consumer, Industrial, Government and Military market segments with products such as Mobile Wireless Computing Platforms for Image Processing, Voice, Video and Data Communications; phased array beam steered antennas, RF Transceivers, Microprocessor and FPGA electronics; and Wireless Sensor Networks for Remote Monitoring and Control. Our key products include mobile satellite communications terminals, wireless computing systems, broadband wireless networks, and motion sensor platforms. We architect and deliver turn key solutions for our customers.

In 2006 we started to add products to our offering by introducing a FCC certified commercial broadband wireless product line. During 2008 Alico Systems was awarded two US government contracts to develop low cost satellite on the move terminals.

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