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Genie2Go, Co Ltd “Genie” was founded in year 2011 with focus towards development and expansion of technology-based solutions within diversified developing markets. The company has established itself as one of the premier brands in its market.

Genie operates its marketing and sales from offices in China, Taiwan, UAE, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and USA.

We provide innovative, quality-assured end-to-end solutions and services and honored to be recognized as an established partner to several global brand customers.

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Enhance The Customer Experience

  • One of the leaders in the concentrated E-payment Terminal supplier industry
  • Long proven track record with strong brand recognition.
  • Products known for its functionality, information security and reliability.
  • Sold to over 100 countries and regions and working with distributors and partners worldwide.
  • Smart Pinpad, mPOS/Mobile E-payment Terminal, Reader, Counter-top, Portable E-payment Terminal, Multi-lane E-payment Terminal
  • Terminal Management System, Server, Software Development Kit, Applications and Platforms
  • Focused and consistent Research and Development investments.
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POS Categories

Comprehensive product lines with Strong research and development capability and Globally ranked payment solution. We are Your Global Payment Partner.

Genie Products Summary

Genie has focused its market in a number of product categories. Genie has a vast product line such as

  • Industrial City Wide Wi-Fi.
  • US Military Certified Mobile Satellite Data Terminals.
  • Cable/IP/Satellite CA based Media Operator Set-top box.
  • PCI and EMV Certified POS/m POS Terminals/Cash-registers.
  • EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa Certified Point Of Sale Terminals.
  • ATM/VTM and Credit Card Printers.
  • Smart Phone Signal Booster.
  • All Electric and Hybrid cycles/Tri-Cycles.
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Core Technologies

Genie has built a number of core competencies, which not only contribute to the company’s leading market position but also laid a strong foundation for further expansion.

Financial Services

Our products are designed to accommodate future functions and features, like contactless technology that have continuously improving efficiency of management


Delivering a single integrated outdoor access and specialist in point to multi-point access points, and point to point bridge for backhaul solutions with city wide WiFi solutions.

Security Services

Complete GPS technology based tracking solutions that tune up supportive and verify external devices for tracking the cargo and heavy equipment at any part of the world.

Alternative Energy Vehicles

Facilitating traveling with its in-built sophistication, customized designing and assembling, cost-effectiveness, eco- friendliness and with its complete controllability.

Data & Videos

Offering smart features to capture precious moments, to feel the sensational possession of a valuable hi-tech gadget, to access the variety of advanced tools and to use overall apps.

Power Services

Genie2Go Power Services specializes in photovoltaic, Wind Energy, Energy conservation, Solar Water Heaters Projects, Providing integrated proposals and planning.

Latest Products

Our products are marked noticeably to meet the challenge of today and it is transparently justified to claim that Genie2Go has brought the future earlier to the doorsteps of its users.

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